Best Fitness is a company focused on combining everything you love about health clubs, fitness centers and gyms. With 8 locations spread throughout the East Coast, they emphasize top-level health and fitness from all aspects including education, nutrition, equipment, classes programs and more.

The health club chain signed onto ClubConnect in 2016 and has been using all aspects of the technology to up their game ever since.

Ravi Sharma, VP of Sales at ClubConnect, interviewed Kady Esposito of Best Fitness, recently about her experience using ClubConnect. Read the Q&A below to see what Kady had to say.

Overall Technology

RS: What is different about the ClubConnect technology?

KE: ClubConnect is more user friendly and more “attractive” than other educational platforms we’ve used. Navigating through articles and creating workouts is a much easier process now. Sharing information with clients is also much easier than it was before.

RS: Why did you make the switch to ClubConnect?

KE: The overall product of ClubConnect was what we were looking for, it helps keep us all organized and provides a better quality of education to our employees.


RS: How are you liking the NFPT certification?

KE: The sign up process is much easier for NFPT. As of right now we have 10 employees enrolled and 2 have passed already, which is already a better start than what we used before.

RS: What do you think about the CEC benefit?

KE: I have had a lot of positive feedback on the CECs offered to our employees. I personally love that there is a lot of video content!

Certification Verification

RS: Is certification verification important to you?

KE: This is a great feature, and is helping us with quality control. We really love that we can track expiration dates of certifications in here and we can report on it monthly.

In short, Best Fitness has used the ClubConnect technology to provide its staff with a new certification (NFPT), free unlimited CECs, a user friendly interface to view best-in-class articles and create workouts, dashboards, education scores, leader boards, and more. In addition, with automatic certification verification, ClubConnect has saved their team from having to spend countless hours verifying staff certifications.

See how you and your staff can benefit from ClubConnect by starting your free trial here.