Most health clubs post on their social media accounts multiple times a week, but have you ever wondered who is actually doing the posting? We asked health clubs who manages their social media accounts and got a wide variety of answers. So if you’ve been wondering who should be running your page, these answers may help you decide.

Below are the people that many health clubs lean on for social media help:

  1. Social Media Managers
Kat Klehm, Cycle Director/Social Media Manager at FSY Fitness Studio posts on their social media pages.
  1. Marketing Managers
Megan Brockman, Marketing Manager at Milwaukee Ellipse Fitness is in charge of social media and adds that their coaches help to post and get people excited about what’s going on at the gym.
  1. Owners
Star’s Locker leaves it to the owner, Sarah Ingmanson to create content and interact with followers on social media.
  1. General Managers
Keegan Harris, General Manager at the Foundry co. in Tucson, Arizona handles everything related to social media.
  1. A Combination
ProtoGym’s social media pages are run by trainers and members. Their members submit motivation and transformation media, quotes relevant to what they do at Protogym, as well as pictures of exercises they have done in class.


As you can see, there is a wide range of individuals who contribute to a health club’s social media presence. My suggestion? Do what feels right for you and your audience.