In this week’s “Ravi’s Corner,” I want to touch on a topic close to my heart: appreciating your trainers.

When is the last time you told one of your trainers that he or she did a great job or gave someone on your team a shout out for accomplishing a goal?

People thrive on appreciation. Positive reinforcement can increase wellness, decrease stress, boost performance and engagement, and even help someone sleep better.

The key is to consistently provide these kudos in a genuine way. Even a quick sincere “thank you” can have a big effect on someone’s day.

Think about the last few days and if your trainers have done anything that stood out to you. Did one of your trainer's land a new client? Finish a continuing education course? Help a client achieve a goal?

My challenge this week is for you to go out of your way to compliment one of your trainers (or two or three!) on a job well done.


Cheers,Ravi Sharma


VP, Global Sales at ClubConnect


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