Everyone in the fitness industry knows that the New Year brings more than a fun night out on New Year’s Eve. It brings an influx of New Year’s resolutions; many of which revolve around losing weight and hitting the gym. Take advantage of the New Year’s rush by amplifying your marketing efforts. Read below to see our suggestions for the best ways to secure more leads in the coming year.

1. Email

How often are you utilizing your club’s email list to get new members through the door? This is a great way to re-engage leads you haven’t converted yet and get expired members back into the mix. Here are some ideas for what to email your list in the new year:

  1. Create special free events at your club that are open to members and non-members alike.
  2.  Offer a New Year’s discount to entice leads to finally take the plunge and become members.
  3. Start up a fitness challenge. See more ideas for challenges below

2. Social Media

Instagram and Facebook ads are an excellent way to find potential members in your area.  Research shows that the average gym member travels just 4 miles to get there, so be sure to take that into account when targeting by location. 

Another way to get the word out about special events or promotions happening at your club is to seek out local Facebook groups that revolve around health and fitness and either post in the group or private message those who you think might want to know about it. Just be sure to check the rules of the Facebook group before posting.

3. Challenges

There is no better time of year to host a fitness challenge. This is the time to catch people when they are feeling extra motivated! Try something along the lines of a “New Year. New You” challenge where you encourage people to become members in order to participate in this extra special opportunity to get healthy. Bonus points if you offer prizes for the winners, as they will help boost engagement!

Need help coming up with challenge ideas? Check out this article.

4. Live Chat

Live chat is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for health clubs to collect leads on their website. And because your health club’s website traffic will inevitably spike in the first few months of the year, January is a great time to add it to your site. One of the ways clubs are capturing these leads via chat is by offering website visitors free guest passes to come visit their facility. 

An eMarketer poll found that 62% of customers were inclined to purchase products online if live customer support were available. While guest passes aren’t considered a direct “sell,” they provide your team with warm leads that can be converted to members. For example, in September the Midwest Athletic Club saw a 52% increase in website leads and added $102k in lead lifetime value.

Not sure where to start with live chat on your site? Check out ClubConnect Engage, which is used by hundreds of fitness facilities around the country as a full service live chat solution.