Looking for helpful ideas for how to grow your health club membership base? Below you'll find a wide range of articles on how to market your gym by using SEO, social media, website plugins, unique offerings to make your club stand out and more.


1) 4 Tools to Generate Leads on Your Gym's Website

With so many businesses vying for customers attention, how do you stand out from the crowd and do something that cuts through all the noise? One key to making your club more visible is to focus your attention online. But instead of just putting up a website and hoping that leads come your way, consider going a step further to significantly increase the quality of your leads by using best-in-class software built with that in mind. Read the full article here.


2) Gym Lead Generation Strategies That Won't Break the Bank

Do you want new members, but don't have a huge marketing budget to spend on lead generation? Here are 5 incredibly effective strategies to gaining new leads for your gym without breaking the bank. Read the full article here.


3) How Giveaways Can Generate Hundreds of Qualified Leads for Your Gym

Giveaways work for thousands of companies and can work for you too. By hosting a giveaway at your gym, you have a built-in way of getting more members to walk through your door. Read the full article here.


4) 7 Ways to Turn Gym Visitors Into Gym Members

One of the most effective—and traditional—ways to attract new members is to entice them with some type of trial. Since IHRSA reports that approximately 35% of all gym members are first-time members (IHRSA 2016), allowing them to sample can be critical. Here are seven effective ways to revitalize your recruiting efforts. Read the full article here.


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