Did you go to IHRSA this year? Every year I come away feeling like there were so many great, new ideas and tons of contagious energy all around me. After the event, I asked the Top Health Club Managers & Owners Facebook group what their top takeaways from IHRSA were this year. Their responses were so great that I wanted to share them with you. Even if you didn’t attend IHRSA this year, you’ll feel inspired by these answers and where the fitness industry is headed.

Question: What were your top takeaways                             from IHRSA 2017?

1) Matthew W. from Healthtrax says:

a) I see our industry developing hybrid strategies through other industries to enhance our programming and services.

b) Technology is taking over with new products and social media being at the forefront.

2) Shannon F., fitness business & programming specialist, says:

Technology. Technology. Technology.

3) Bobby H. from American Family Fitness says:

Our industry has been talking about technology and wearables for years. This was the first show where I truly felt like the industry understood what it wants to do with those things. It's gone from being "oh that's neat, but I probably wouldn't really use it" to "this is unbelievable. I can't see how we can afford not to dive in head first on this." I'm not the biggest Techno Gym guy (mainly due to price point), but their tech class completely blew me away.

4) Greg M. from Workout Anytime says:


Functional Solution. Check it out. Game-changed for creation and delivery of programming.

5) Jennifer B. from Premise Health says:

Definitely technology and functional training through multi station large apparatus. Last year there was more of a Crossfit vibe, but I got less of that this year. One area where I still think our industry is missing the boat is reaching the non-enthusiast. Pretty much all the solutions and equipment were geared toward keeping fit people fit; no doubt important, but we won't move the needle on inactivity with that approach.


6) Kate G. from Newtown says:

a) We need to use technology more to connect and engage. b)We need to disconnect more and build relationships. Contradictory, but thought it was interesting and true.

7) Bill M. from Active Sports Clubs says:

I’m a fan of ReACT.

8) Heather B. from 1000 Hills Fitness says:

Community and Collaboration! And a fun new icebreaker/intro - what do you do when you're not working?

9) Anish M. from Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association says:

Striving to deliver unparalleled experiences for consumers and operators.


What were your key takeaways from IHRSA this year? Join the Top Health Club Managers & Owners Facebook group and share your thoughts!