There is a new trend taking over the health and wellness community: Raves.

When you think of “raves," alcohol, late nights and crazy behavior probably come to mind. But in the last year or so, there’s a new kind of rave in town that is all about working out with a twist.


Companies like Daybreaker have created an opportunity for people to have an incredibly good time without any of the negativity that goes along with the typical rave.


The party usually starts at 5am with an optional hour of yoga. Once the yoga class is finished, everyone moves onto the rave phase at 6am. It feels a bit like a night club complete with a DJ and lots of people having a great time on the dance floor. While the party can’t last all day because of inevitable work obligations, everyone makes the most of this early morning party of good times mixed with fitness. Things start to wind down around 8:30 when everyone goes about their day as usual.


What if you created an offering like this at your club? Even hosting a morning rave like this one time would provide your members with something new and different to participate in. Most clubs already have the space to do this and all you would need to get it up and running is an instructor, a DJ, and maybe a few neon party lights. You can even switch up the class beforehand and offer a different kind of group fitness class in place of yoga if you want to set yourself apart even more.


Once you decide on the day, get the word out via email, your social media channels and in the gym itself. You might also want to email local newspapers and blogs to invite them to come and check it out.


Not only would this morning rave be an excellent community builder for your current members, but it would also be a chance to bring in other members of the community and convert them into members.


Let me know if you end up trying it out! Email me at kelli@inspire360inc.com.



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